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Ole South Ointment

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A formula tested, tried and true, look for that bright yellow label anytime you are facing a skin issue.
Each jar contains a formula used for nearly 100 years by families all over the south.

What are the common uses for Ole South Ointment?
Some customers say they haven't found anything Ole South wont take care of. We have found it's commonly most effective in the treatment of psoriasis, ring worm, dry cracked feet, hemorrhoids, athletes foot, jock itch, insect bites, poison ivy, oak and sumac, rashes and other skin irritations.
Where can you find Ole South?
Ole South is carried across the United States by many large and small stores and pharmacies.  Click here to find out a location near you!


"I spent over $4000 in five years with three GP's and two dermatologist on a rash in the palm of my hands. After only one week of your ointment, my hands were better than they have been in five years. Wish I had known about it $4000 ago."
-Adam J.
Jackson, MS


"Thanks for sending me your product. I've only used one jar but I can tell it has helped my psoriasis more than any prescription medication I have ever used. "
- Mrs R
Sterling Heights MI
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Does Ole South Ointment help with pimples?
Yes - Simply apply Ole South at bedtime. And even before a pimple comes to the surface.

 Will the ointment treat fire-ant bites?
Most definitely - apply a liberal amount ASAP to the bites to control discomfort and infection.

What about athletes foot?
Without a doubt, apple liberally to area at bedtime and put on clean socks. Do this for 3 to 4 nights for best results. Do the same routine for dry or cracked feet.

Will Ole South help hemorrhoids?
Yes, only external, apply nightly after bathing. At first the ointment will burn and sting, but it will dissipate in 2 to 3 minutes..
Can I use Ole South for ringworms?
Yes - Ole South will clear up ringworms in 3 to 5 days with regular use.

 Does it help sores that are slow to heal?
Yes, apply once or twice daily and bandage if necessary.
For Further information on Wholesale, large orders or for a flyer to print to take to your local store  please email  service@OleSouthProducts.com
Ole South Ointment is 1 product you always keep on hand,  save hundreds a year by keeping a jar of Ole South around to treat whatever comes your families way. 
 So get your jar of Ole South today!